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Dancing on a Cloud

A low lying cloud effect using dry ice that is perfect for first dances.

2-3-minute effect 

Mon - Sat - 
Sun- $550



A 2-3m high safe -to-touch cold spark effect, perfect for entrances, cake cutting, and first dances.

3 minutes total - but can be fired at multiple key moments in short bursts 

2 spark fountains - $450
4 spark fountains - $850
6 spark fountains - $1200

additional 3-minute reload per spark machine - $100


CO2 Guns

A 6-9m plume of clean cold fog perfect for entrances or hype moments over the dancefloor.

44 seconds 
total per tank - but can be fired at multiple moments in short bursts

full 22kg tank with C02 gun - 

additional full 22kg CO2 tanks - $200

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