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Why should I book with you?

You should check out our testimonials or read through our genuine public reviews and recommendations.

What experience do you have?

Nach Roadshow have proudly covered over 1000 events around Australia. From supplying DJ & Karaoke services at parties & weddings to complete event productions.

For more info check out our portfolio.

What do your services cost?

We offer unique packages and services that are designed for different events and budgets. Prices can be found under the relevant pages on our website.

Are your prices negotiable?
No, our prices are carefully calculated and priced at the most competitive and affordable rates. Follow us on social media to find special promos & discounts.

Why do your services cost more than others?

These prices reflect our professionalism, experience, quality control and all the other costs associated with bringing you an unforgettable roadshow experience.


Do you match competitor quotes?

Usually not, but we may consider matching written quotes from our competitors.

Some of our competitors offer poor services at cheaper prices. Please be careful when booking, as cheaper entertainment is highly risky and can ultimately cost you more in the end.

Do I have to pay any deposit?

Yes. We take a 50% upfront deposit.


How do you prefer payment?

Payment can be made by bank transfer or paid in cash.


Are there any surcharges for public holidays?

All public holidays except for new year's eve are charged at the normal rates.


Cancellations & Refund policy

All booking cancellations will result in a forfeit of the deposit.


Do I need to provide a DJ table?

No. We have our own custom-built DJ booths that we provide and include in all of our packages.

What type of music can you play?

We can play from, but are not limited to, the following genres of music:

  • Pop (Top 40 / Commercial)

  • Hip-Hop

  • R&B

  • Bollywood - Indian Subcontinental

  • Punjabi - North-Indian Subcontinental

  • Haryanvi - North-Indian Subcontinental


How do you customize the music experience for each event?

Our experienced DJs do not play from a fixed set list but instead play by reading the crowd. Each event brings a different crowd, so no set is ever exactly the same as a previous event covered by Nach Roadshow. We also encourage clients to personalise their event experience by submitting their song requests before the event, so our DJs can understand our client's musical taste.


How often do you update your music library?

Every week before the weekend.


What is the audio quality of your music?
All our audio is legally purchased and is in the highest compressed bitrate of 320kbps.


What is the video quality of your music videos?
All our music videos are in full high-definition 1080p.
Older music videos are at the best available quality. High-definition 720p or at standard-definition 480p.


Can you share your audio / video files (mp3, mp4, etc.) ?
Due to legal reasons, we can not share any copyrighted multimedia that we own.


Are you allowed to perform your music publically?

Yes. We are fully approved by APRA and PPCA. We are legally allowed to publicly play protected audio and video.


How large is your music library?

Very big! 300 gigabytes and growing


Can I view your music library / song list online?
No, but this feature will be coming soon.

Can I send you a list of my favourite songs that I want played at my event?

Yes. If we do not have any of the songs that you have requested in advance, we will make sure to download them for your event.


Will you take song requests during my event?
Yes, if we have the requested song in our library and deem it as appropriate.

If you do not have a requested song in your library, is it possible to connect a mobile device to your system?
Due to both insurance and technical issues, we do not allow the connection of third-party devices to our audio systems.


Do you play clean censored versions of songs?

Yes. We do not play any explicit versions of songs at any of sort of event.


Can you continue to play after the venue lockout / last song?

Not without the on-duty venue managers approval.


Can I display my own personal images / videos on your screens?

Yes. Choose from our customisable graphic templates and slideshows or design your own.

If you would like to share a slideshow of photos with your guests, there are two ways to prepare the photos for the slide show:

1. Load your chosen photo files onto a USB. I can then create a quick and simple slideshow for you on the day. This slideshow can then run on loop mode on the screens.


2. If you are confident with Microsoft PowerPoint, You can prepare your own custom PowerPoint Presentation slideshow and load it to a USB. This presentation can then run on loop mode on the screens.

*Please do not forget to bring the loaded USB with you on the day.*


Can you create custom performance mixes / edits?

Yes. Additional charges apply.


Venue Access & Parking

Clear access into the venue (preferably through a loading dock / zone) must be provided with allocated free parking for Nach Roadshow transport vehicles for the duration of the event.


Do you require electrical power?

Yes, we require electrical power to be supplied by the venue. If the venue is unable to supply electrical power, an electrical generator must be supplied by the client.

Preferred generator to be supplied by the client:


Smoke / haze / fog machines

All indoor use of smoke / haze / fog machines require written approval from the venue management with fire alarm systems disabled for the duration of the event.


Under the Fire Brigades Act 1942, the Department of Fire and Emergency Services are legally required to attend all fire call-outs. DFES will charge a $750 fine for attendance to a fire alarm activation that is deemed false by attending DFES crews. DFES will allow for three false alarm attendances to a venue in a financial year before issuing the $750 fine. Only repeat false alarm activations will be charged the fine.

For more information visit:


How loud is your sound system?

Our sound systems have the capacity to be, but are not allowed to be, pushed beyond the legal safe SPL levels. In order to satisfy health and safety obligations towards you and your guests and to comply with the Australian / New Zealand National Standard for Occupational Noise (AS/NZS 1269), our SPL levels remain at 85 dB SPL (A-weighted) for an eight-hour continuous period. During the open dance-floor, SPL levels can reach a maximum of 90 dB SPL (A-weighted) for up to two hours continuous. Our sound levels are measured by an SPL meter and controlled by the use of a sound peak audio limiter.
Warning: Standing or dancing directly in front of a loudspeakers for an extended period of time can cause temporary tinnitus or hearing loss. It is your responsibility as the host to ensure your guests remain at a safe and comfortable distance from the speakers. It is recommended to take a 5-minute break for every hour of loud music you listen to.


What type of equipment do you use?

We only used professional grade equipment manufactured by reputable brands.

Sound: JBL Professional

Lighting: ADJ Lighting

DJ: Pioneer DJ:


Is your equipment PAT tested?

In order to satisfy electrical safety “duty of care” and comply with national WHS regulations, all of our portable electrical equipment and electrical cables are tested and tagged by competent in-house technicians.

What if your equipment fails at my event?

All of our equipment is tested before the event. In the unlikely circumstances that any of our primary equipment is to fail during your event, we have complete backup secondary equipment.


Do you have public liability insurance?

Yes. Up to $20 000 000 full public liability insurance.

How many Nach Roadshow staff will be present at my event?

Usually two staff members but this may vary depending on the size of your event.


Are Nach Roadshow staff qualified?

All of our staff are highly experienced and fully trained. 


How will Nach Roadshow staff be dressed at my event?

Staff at informal events: Black NR t-shirt with casual pants or jeans.

Staff at formal events: Black NR polo-shirt tucked in with black formal dress pants and black dress shoes.
Performers at all events: At the discretion of the performer unless specified by the client.


Do I have to provide Nach Roadshow staff with food and refreshments at my event?

No. If you are unable to provide food and refreshments at your event we do ask to be informed in advance so that we can make alternative arrangements for food and refreshments.

Will Nach Roadshow staff consume alcohol during my event?

All Nach Roadshow staff are required to stay within low-risk drinking limits and are required to be able to perform unaffected by alcohol consumption.  Under the Occupational Safety and Health Act (1994), employees must take reasonable care of their own safety and health and not endanger the safety and health of others.

Will Nach Roadshow staff require smoke breaks during my event?

No. All Nach Roadshow staff are non-smokers.


Are Nach Roadshow staff cleared to work around or with children?

Yes. All of our staff hold valid Working With Children and National Police Clearance Checks issued by the Government of Western Australia.


How long will you take to set-up your equipment?


How long will you take to pack down your equipment?



Can you liaise with other vendors and suppliers at my event?

Yes. We understand that successful events require communication with all those involved in making them happen and will work closely with all vendors and suppliers to ensure you have the best possible experience. 

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